Friday, November 27, 2009

Be Ye Thankful...

I love Thanksgiving! There, I said it. It is absolutely my favorite holiday of the year. I think it is quite undercommercialized (is this a word, really?) and simple. Most people I know look forward to Thanksgiving because of Black Friday. This year was especially good. Our family gathered at our house and I think I've cooked enough holiday dinners that I didn't stress out too much, or maybe I'm just gettin' too old to worry about it!

I love to decorate for Fall/harvest/Thanksgiving. I have done it for years back when nobody else was doing it. Now, I see more and more decorations and people taking the time to dress their homes for the harvest season. Since I pull down all my harvest decorations the day after and start Christmas decorating, I thought that this year I would pull out a few Christmas to mix with the Thanksgiving and fill in some areas.

The centerpiece on the dining room table was a clearance silver tray with dollar store ornaments and a dollar store candle. Turned out nice, don't you think? Dollar stores are so great for cheap decorations but you have to be selective so that what you are getting doesn't look cheap!

This year we were mixing the holiday with a bathroom renovation which added some to the stress. At least we got the new toilet installed so that our guests had more than one to choose from! Geesh, seems like last year we were installing new patio doors. Wow, I think we mark our holidays by home renovations. Okay, I'm off to put up the Christmas decorations. Would it be sac-religous if I didn't put up a tree this year??

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