That's How I Fly

We've all heard the sayings "Home is where the heart is" and "There's no place like home." If this is not true for you and your family, it should be. You are truly missing out on a blessing if your home is not an expression of your family.

Call me a Thief
For The Decorating Chica (that would be me) my home is ever evolving and one of my most favorite places to be. I love to be at home. Home should be a peaceful oasis free from the stress of everyday life. A place of refuge and solace where you can recharge your battery and gear up to face the world for another week.

But remember, just because you might be OCDD (obsessive, compulsive, decorating disorder) does not mean your family is! Know your families limits. Having rooms in chaos and always in the middle of a DIY project can be quite stressful for most. Not all of us thrive on tearing up carpet, painting walls, rearranging furniture, or spray painting picture frames. We all need to stop and enjoy the fruit of our labors. In other words, take time to smell the roses (or enjoy the new paint color in your living room).

It's Amazing What a Little Rearranging Can Do

Honestly, even when it looks like I am not remodeling or redecorating, I am in my head! I always have a list a mile long of ideas and things I want to try. I gave up fighting it long ago and have learned that is "how I roll." How do you roll?


Imagine the Impossibilities, a.k.a. I did it!

For me, much of the peace of my home is based on it looking beautiful. You should choose colors that make you happy. For some, it is the cleanliness of white and for others the cheerfulness of rich color. Whatever your color orientation learn to embrace it while honoring your families desires and needs as well. I am blessed to have a husband, who, the only stipulations he has ever put on me is "no girly, girly flowers and stuff." Well, I do have a houseful of men!