Saturday, September 23, 2017

Which vanity do you prefer?

Like you, I have my favorite decorating shows that I regularly watch. For some reason, of late, I noticed that everybody wants double vanity sinks in the master bathroom. Like, they think they cannot possibly survive any longer without a two sink vanity!

This, I think, is a perfect solution. I mean the real reason most of us want a double sink vanity is for the space, right? This has one sink but plenty of storage and space.

Love the rustic look of this but, don't know about you, open shelves would NEVER work in our house.

We have a double sink, I confess. Not that I choose it. Well, yes I choose the cabinet/counter/sink unit but I did not choose it to be a double. It was already plumbed that way and it is a set in area that would have been problematic to only put one vanity sink in.

Check out our master bath by reading this post. Guess I need to update the post as it has changed quite a bit since then.

Seriously though, we have lived with a double vanity sink unit for 21 years in two different houses and, every week, as I clean the sinks I wonder why? I mean, we only use one sink. VERY rarely are we ever in the bathroom at the same time as someone else in the family. Really? Who wants to share a bathroom sink while plucking eyebrows and shaving? 

How about you? Do you have a two sink vanity? Do you regularly use both sinks?

Note: first two pictures are courtesy of posts from Pinterest. No knowledge of the original author.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Raised Vegetable Planter and Poison Ivy

For several years I have been trying to find a good spot to plant vegetables. Unfortunately most of the sun that our property gets is where someone put the pool. So, other than a small area near the pool house, there is nowhere that really gets enough sun for a good vegetable garden.

The base (legs) are made with pine and the box is cedar.

The last two years I have planted this small area with tomatoes and peppers. The plants do great but they never grow many vegetables and they never get really big. 

Apparently the cedar will not rot from the moisture or dirt. We did not even stain it!

Last year, I saw this cool wood planter at one of the local home improvement stores and my husband bought the wood to build one for Mother's Day. Well life happened and the wood sat in the garage for that year. But this year? Yup, this year my husband spent the weekend of Mother's Day building my planter. It turned out great and I am so excited!

Tomatoes, green peppers, and beans oh my!
Oh but, yeah, I have poison ivy and it's only May. Sigh.

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