Monday, April 20, 2015

Adventures in DIY

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I love DIY. I mean really, you can create so much cool stuff with so little. I love to pull ideas from Pinterest and then create my own versions. So I thought I would share some of my best projects here.

Up first is my curbside find last summer.

One's Mans Garbage is the story of my curbside loveseat find.

Then there is the tale of my wood wall in "Wood'nt you like a wood wall?"

My dresser curbside find during 'junk days' at a charming town just 20 miles east of where we live.

"You Say Junk, I Say Treasure"

Here I recreated a bathroom mirror for under $50.00.

DIY Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Every garden needs stepping stones, right? In this post you can learn how to make "Quick and Easy Stepping Stones" for pennies.

Learn how to make this easy crystal tree here.


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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Third Time's the Charm, right?

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At least that's what they say. However you put it, this is my third hit at updating my photo gallery and it is definitely my favorite!

I started this project back in 2011 (wow!) and have changed it slightly I think 3 times now. (Why can't I just leave things alone?) You know how you change just one little thing and then, the next little thing needs to change to make the first little thing even better? Well, you get what I'm saying.

That was the case with this picture gallery. It started out like this:

This was the first version of my photo gallery and I was pretty happy with it!
Read more here.
Then I changed the inside color to a darker grey which gave it more pop and I added a little decorative element to the top.

Of course I changed the pictures up slightly and squeezed in more of them!

But then I decided to paint the walls the same grey that was inside the gallery frame (cause I'm into grey now...who knew?) which led to less 'pop' but no time to change it again.

So a couple weeks ago I got out the paint from the dining room, took down the photos (dusted them...whoo!) and painted the back with the navy from the dining room. Updated the picture with recent family photos and added a silver metallic to the decorative thing-a-magig and I'm done.

Third time is the charm, right? We'll see.

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