Sunday, July 20, 2014

Picture Frames Find New Purpose on Hometalk

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I don't know about you but I love a good picture frame. I always gravitate towards them at Goodwill or garage sales. Can't help myself really. The problem is what do you do with them?

Check out some of these great projects on my
Board at Hometalk.

So when Hometalk asked me to curate a collection about repurposed picture frames, I started doing some research. Much to my surprise I found a TON of great ideas out there for picture frame projects. I have even had a few of my own over the years so this was a piece of cake! 

Check out my picture frame turned ceiling medallion in
"Ways I drive my husband nuts!"

Empty picture frames make great wall art.
Love the layered look here, check it out at Tidbits and Twine!

Of course they always make a great chalkboard!

Whatever way you look at it, picture frames can repurpose into some pretty great things!

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Tis the Season...part 1

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Gotcha, sounds Christmasy doesn't it?

Formerly a bowling ball, this lady bug captured by heart!

Summer is garden tour season and one of my favorite summer activities. I love wandering through people's gardens and getting a small glimpse into their lives. My reactions are many from "mine looks better than this" to inspirational to flat out, dare I admit this, e.n.v.y.

Loved this simple little path up to the bird bath.

Love gazebos. Enough said.

Simple but cute way to decorate a garden shed.

One of my favorites!

For me the most impressive gardens are those that repurpose materials and use them in unique ways. I just love this and it always gets my wheels turning.

Love using mirrors in a garden and these are simply gorgeous.
Notice to the far left the old door that was used as a divider.

Beautiful flower basket atop a fence post.
Hmmmm, I still have an extra fence post in my shed...

I am known to be a copycat and sometimes I will copy a project from start to finish, as an exact copycat. Yet sometimes, it is a jumping off point and inspires me to a different direction.

Love ponds and this was a gorgeous and LARGE!

This outdoor cabin, and a sweet tabletop fire pit, a bar, a flat screen tv, and a camper heat thingy. Sweet!

Simple touches like this bench with potted flowers and lots of character.

Regardless the reaction, I love to go on garden tours. How about you?