Monday, April 14, 2014

Mixin It Up

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Spending my morning making Kool Aid Playdough for a fun Kindergarten Screening event tomorrow evening and thought I would reshare that post here.

Kool Aid Playdough is so fun and colorful.
Great for Easter!

Also having a little fun and 'Mixin' It Up' over at the Weekday Mixer Social Media Link-Up. Come on and join the fun!

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Getting past procrastination

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I have been bitten. Bitten by the procrastination bug. It is a vicious disease once bitten and hard to overcome. It takes perseverance. And tenacity. And time.

Getting a couple fresh coats of Heirloom White Spray Paint.
This pot had two former lives. It began as a red vase,
then was victim of a project gone wrong.

But I did it! I bit the procrastination bug in the behind and finished another project. This project started about two years ago. Seriously. 

On it's way to an old, vintage pottery
look using leftover paints.
So after sitting in my basement for a year and a half, then moving it up to my garage where I guess I thought if I had to look at it everyday I would be inspired to finish it! I walked past it everyday for about nine more months. Then, as my index finger was twitching with excitement at the prospect of spray painting something, I decided it was time to tackle this puppy and 'get 'er done.'

After several layers of browns and greys,
it finally has the vintage look I was after.

I went out back and cut some branches
 to fit inside and she is done.
It only took two years.

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