Saturday, October 24, 2015

Ahhh, the taste of Fall

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So, yeah by the title you might be led to believe that this post is about fall food, right? Nope. It is about the gloriousness of the fall season. Can't you just feel it and taste it? When they say that fall is in the air, there is just something about it.  I. totally. love. it.

Simple baskets with pumpkins and gourds is my preferred fall style.

But, despite my love of fall I really don't pull out all the stops to decorate for it. In fact, I am just coming indoors (so to speak) from spending the summer outside enjoying our pool and gardening. Oh and vacations! So I am just not ready to spend a ton of time decorating but I do like to have touches of fall in my house.

I love osage oranges, don't you! They are cheap and smell great.

But back to the cooking. Fall makes me want to cook. There I said it!
Seriously don't tell anyone though. Fall is a busy time in our household, mostly with outdoor work. Lots of leaves, winterizing the lawn, closing the pool, pulling all my garden decor and storing it. You know the drill. Between that and the trips to the apple orchard, making apple sauce, I don't have time to spend it decorating inside when I can be outside.

Simple switch from the plate that normally hangs here and adding the fall leaf art contributes to the overall fall appeal.

Baskets of fall flowers in simple crates is my look.

Love the simple, rustic look.
So yeah, I still love decorating but I love fall more and I cherish the time enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Besides God is a much better decorator than I could ever be!

Enjoy your fall, Christmas is coming!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

And More Garden Tours...

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Can you ever see too many beautiful gardens? I say no. After all, in Michigan, we are lucky to get 4-5 good months of gardening so I say enjoy them while you can!

The first house we went to on the garden tour had a beautiful waterfall landscaped backyard, with a big patio, a 60" screen tv and a sectional couch. To. die. for. That is until I saw his sign and realized he was a professional landscaper that owned his own business. Then I felt much better.

Had to catch this butterfly!
Great use of sculpture in this garden!
Loved, loved, loved this pool. Waterfall into the end of the pool a small log cabin to change clothes in and use the bathroom, or just hang out. Very sweet!
I don't usually go in for the cutesy type stuff but I seriously thought this was a great drain for eavestroughing.
Very cool sculpture from cut tree stumps. Great way to use them!
I love anything unique and this totally caught my eye. Great way to use rocks! Now I'm not sure exactly how they did it but from what we could tell, they drilled a hole up the center of the rocks and put a rod through. Probably glued them as well. May have to try this.
This home was amazing and had so many cool sculptures mixed into her garden. Like the homeowner said "I decorated all I could on the inside and I love it so I had to come outside." I totally get that.

Finally is this cute wine bottle sculpture. Not sure if the wrought iron base was something put together by the homeowner as I've never seen anything like it. But regardless, very cool!

That's all for now. Check in soon for my summer project updates.

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