Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Keeping It Fresh a.k.a. A Dining Room Renewal, Pt. 1

I don't know about you but I usually process changes over in my head LONG before they ever come to fruition. This project roamed around in my head for a year or so before actually starting it but..It was time. Yup, long overdue in fact. Many would not agree but really to keep your rooms fresh, they need to undergo a facelift from time to time. My dining room was calling out to me. Oh, but really I was just intending to add a Board and Batten treatment to the walls to cover the unsightly texture and the smooth skimcoat the some idiot thoughtful person added to house a wallpaper border. (Oh, I soo wish I had pictures from the beginning. Well I do somewhere but not sure where.)

Here is a snapshot of what it looked like. Check behind the stencilled
border, you'll see the smooth skimcoat. Didn't leave me much options
but to put up a border, stencil, etc. Yes, my pictures are crooked!

Well, we did it! We took the plunge and dove into another home improvement project. While all home improvement projects have their stress, this has been awesome. Haha, that might have something to do with the fact that my husband did the board and batten. Yup, the measuring, sizing, fitting, cutting, and installing. All of that. My 'job' was to countersink the nails, patch, sand, and paint. Really not too hard all in all. 

Here is the first board up and the top part painted.
I know the trend is neutral, light walls but that is just not my style. However, I actually contemplated going a light neutral but couldn't do it. I like my color people!

Adding board and painting.

Trim going up.

Vertical boards being installed, caulked
and ready for priming and painting.

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