Friday, November 22, 2013

Repurposed Bagels

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I probably shouldn't admit this but my ideas come from the weirdest thoughts. Seriously.
To make a bagel bird feeder, first cut the bagel in half.

Like, for instance, today as I was getting ready to pitch a day old bagel. Well, okay it was day old when I bought it which was probably a week ago. Let's not go there though.

Anyway, back to my story. So I'm getting ready to pitch the last uneaten bagel that, according to my oldest son, was hard as a rock. Then it hit me, I could reuse that bagel for something good.

Spread with peanut butter.
So I cut it in half, got out the peanut butter and spread it on the top. Dug in my pantry closet for some bird seed and sprinkled it over the peanut butter and pressed it in. Then I went downstairs and found some twine and cut off just the right length. Ran it through the bagel hole and tied it to the apple trees out front.

Add any bird seed.
The perfect bagel feeder! Well, so I thought. In face I was so excited I told my oldest son about it. You would've thought I took his last meal. How did I know that, even though the bagel was 'hard as a rock", he still planned on eating it?
Use twine, ribbon, jute to string through the
bagel hold and tie on a tree branch.

Hang from a tree and watch the
birds and squirrels!

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  1. Verry cool!! I always hate throwing away bread that the hubby and I dont eat. So now. seeing as how it isnt going to melt in the heat, I can give this a try!!!Thanks for the great tutorial!!


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