Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Power of Paint....Party at Domestically Speaking

When I found out about Domestically Speaking's Power of Paint party I had to enter. I am a paint FANATIC. Did I say I LOVE to paint? We will just hit six years this February living in our current house and I have repainted the kitchen three times, the living room twice. Let's see dining room twice, family room turned office three times, 1/2 bath 2x....okay I guess I can stop. That doesn't include the spray painting of picture frames, furniture, whatever can hold paint, I will try it.

This post, in particular, is about painting my built-ins that are part of my fireplace surround. Yes, as you will see in the pictures it is 70s brick. Now I know the trend is either to paint this or to cover with updated tile that is more contemporary. Trust me, I have thought of it all. But, I have to admit when it comes to permanent changes (like painting brick) I REALLY hesitate to alter something that can't be changed back to the original (well, in this case, not very easily anyway). Because if you live long enough you will find that "there is nothing new under the sun" and what is not popular now probably will be popular again in 10 years or less.

But, as you can see the whole fireplace area is D.A.R.K. as is the whole room. I whitewashed the dark brown mantel which helped a little but was still wanting something to brighten up the area and make it 'pop'.
So, I grabbed the paintbrush and went at it. Took several coats to cover the dark bown wood shelfs and trim. I then used the red color from my kitchen as the background for these shelves. I still wanted something more. I searched and brainstormed wallpaper, brass washers glued in a diamond design to the back (from Myles of Styles) but finally settled with adding the stencil using a gold metallic glaze. I have to say, although the pictures may not do it justice, it really came to life and I absolutely L.O.V.E. it!

A simple paint transformation.


  1. What a cool way to add texture. I love this. You did agreat job thanks for sharing.

  2. What a difference! Love the stenciling. Thanks for linking up to my Power of Paint Party!

  3. The stenciling is so cute! I think the color for the back of the bookcases really works well with the brick!


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