Monday, December 13, 2010

A few of my favorite things...reviewing Christmas 2010

We are in the middle of our first real snow storm in Michigan. It's has rained all day, turned to snow and ice, and really starting to pile up. Might lead to our first snow day. I am sitting at a hotel in a city about an hour from my home for a work related event and getting ready to post pictures about my 2011 Christmas decorating. Wanted to review last year and see all the changes that I made for this year. Many of the changes simply involve using the same items in a different way. I love how easy it is to change up a room simply by moving some things around, changing furniture, spray painting something a different color. So easy yet so much change!

I definitely like to decorate a bit more 'winterish' and not so seasonal so that I can keep up most of my decorations up for awhile past the holidays. Snowman are one of my top favorite winter decorating items for sure and, where I live, we always have plenty of winter and plenty of snow!

Last year, I hung ornaments from the dining room chandellier, really enjoyed this look but haven't done it this year.

Silver and gold I have some. I love ornaments!! There are always great finds at Salvation Army or Dollar Tree for cheap and they look so great!

Painted the sign above this mirror a light beige and highlighted it in milk white glaze. Looks so o o oo much better!

My pine trees are up all year round, haha but they got banished to the basement rec room. No snow on them this year!
This was our Charlie Brown tree last year, decorated by my boys. This year, they lost interest and I am working on it. Night quite finished but close.

The reindeer flew the coop and landed and a beautiful new (to me) piece of furniture that I'm dying to show off (photos coming soon)

Wreath decorated mirror in living room
Bookshelves in office.
Can't wait to share what I did this year!

Ornaments galore.
Snowflakes hanging from my dining room windows
Merry Christmas
Dining room bookshelf display
Lights, ornaments, and red. What more do you need for Christmas?

Sparkly Christmas tree
Dollar Tree wreath looks rustic hanging from this shelf.
Let it snow....says it all. Well, let it snow until January.

Thanks for reminiscing with me! Looking forward to sharing my new, revamped for 2011, Christmas decorations!

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