Friday, November 26, 2010

Pretty in Purple

It was time....boy was it time. My half bath has gone through many transitions in the six years we have lived at our current home. It was blue when we bought walls, blue tile floor, blue everything. Not bad but the blue had the blues. So, since I didn't have the money to do much with it and couldn't afford to replace the blue tile I decided to work with the color and decided to try a mural (see 'after' photos at the bottom). Turned out not too bad considering I am no expert. I used paint that I had in the basement, copied pictures and ideas from the internet and just started painting. I'm tellin' ya it is quite therapeudic...just sayin'.

Color: Treaded Grapes
Stencil with "eggplant" metallic paint.
After a couple of years, I decided it was time to spruce it up and bring it out of the muck and mire of the pond, and guess what? I was in the mood for purple. My husband and kids had a fit. It was so sweet, really. They are my biggest fans. Trust me, the mural was not that great!
Wainscotting wallpaper with
chair rail.

I've tried purple before but not in this room and not the right purple, if you know what I mean. Finally, I found the right purple. Then, I added wainscoating wallpaper and chair rail. Never tried the wainscoating wallpaper and, for many purposes, it works great. This was one of them.

I have the basics finished but still need to add some finishing touches. I am IN L O V E with the colors. It is amazing how soothing they are. I just love to sit in there...well, suppose that is a good thing huh? Okay now for the 'before'...hold onto your hats decorating chicas.

Mirror was moved from dining room.

Pond mural. This is the ceiling. The idea was to look
like you were under water. See the frogs and fish.

Lilly pads.

Mirror made from scrap wood and stained glass.

Anyways, you get the drift... Quite a change, huh?


  1. Oh oh oh , love this bathroom!! You need my tree in there - what a combination. New follower, btw!

  2. Beautiful job. Love the swirly purple walls especially.

  3. ugh! I'm dying over here! The purple melts my heart. Love it and I can see why you do too.

    Since it's a room you actually have to sit in and do nothing else, you may as well have it look perfect, and yours does.

  4. WOW!!!! I am totally lovin' the purple! Great job!

  5. That looks beautiful!! You are right, such a perfect shade of purple.

  6. Oh my.....what a change from the original. It turned out fabulous. So classy and elegant.

  7. how did you get the design on the purple?

  8. Hello! I've been drooling over your walls for a long while - masterpiece! I am in my "nesting" mood as my first baby is arriving in about a month and I am painting my bedroom deep purple. My initial idea was to add silver stencils as an accent wall, but not I think I'll make my stencils in high gloss, similar to yours. Can you please tell me what stencils did you use? I can't seem to find anything similar. Thank you!

    1. I got this stencil at Hobby Lobby. I actually used a sample pot of a metallic paint that was in a darker purple. You could actually just use a clear glaze.


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