Monday, April 4, 2011

Picture within a picture

After many months, many pictures, hunting in the stores for interesting but cheap frames, I have finally finished my picture within a picture. As I sit at this computer where I blog I stare at a rather large unattractive wall. Out of desparation I put up a rather uninspiring arrangment of which I never liked but it was better than blank nothingness. As I gathered ideas from all you wonderful bloggers out there, I realized what I wanted to do and came up with a plan.

Well, fer sure the plan was easier than the project. Oh, the project itself wasn't that hard. You see I simply bought some white painted trim pieces and mitered them into a large frame. Mixed some paint until I came up with a color that I liked to paint the inside. I was aiming for a large picture to hang framed pictures of my kiddos. So I cut the trim, and nailed it in place. Painted the wall and PRESTO! In a matter of 45 minutes or so I had created my frame. I was pretty proud of myself at how quickly I put that frame together. So I was thinkin' that this project was a wrap. Hah! Seriously? The pictures took F O R E V E R! Yes, much of the reason is due to my very limited skills as a photographer and the fact that I have 3 teenage boys who do not really take too kindly to having their pictures taken. I am really. How hard could this be you ask? Just try getting 3 goofy boys to pose and smile nicely...NOT!

It was during round #2 that I realized the mistake I was making. Having them pose was not the brighest idea I had ever had. Once I figured that out I just started letting them have fun and I started snapping pictures. Oh that is the beeeeauty of digital photography. My best friend is the delete button. Between that and the photo editor, I actually turned out some nice pictures. But it seriously took half of my life, or so it felt. Finally, after several loooong months I've finished my photo collage. I hope you like it.

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