Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Pop of Orange!

I have a very strange front entry. Now I am not an architect and maybe I couldn't have done it better but really. For one thing it's big. Now you might not think big is bad but in this case big is wasted. Because other than a walk-thru (walking through on the way to the 2nd story or on the way in from the front door) that is it's only use. It has a closet that juts out and transitions into the living room with these stupid half walls. I might add, that these walls have had these ugly spindle posts that make it look like a jail cell!

Anyway, I'm digressing. I have been on a walk-thru journey with this entry trying to get it the way I want and I am finally 85% there! Yeah! On this journey I have had the walls many colors which has been challenging because all the walls connect to other walls in other rooms and on and on. Well, I did it. I finally found a color that I L.O.V.E.. Orange. Yes, orange.

Here is the front door/closet area.
Dark and ugly.
This is my front door now after lots of painting.
Did I mention how much I love color? Oh, did I also mention how much I LOVE dark, bold, bright colors. Although I must say that I have been pretty inspired by the trend towards white/cream/beige neutrals I have found myself leaning a little towards doing an all neutral room using different shades of beige/browns with lots of different textures and surfaces. WOW, that scares me! I'm not sure what is happening to me. Pretty crazy!

I started this last Fall by painting all that dark trim! Yikes, what a job. Then, I yanked off the closet doors because I absolutely H A T E them! Okay, maybe hate is not a strong enough word. So, off they went but now, what to do? We lived closet door-less for almost a year folks! Let me tell you, if you know the condition of my closets...'nuff said. I just didn't know what to do and so we lived with it. It took me long enough to figure out a color. This color had to look good with my living room green and my stairway capuccino and my kitchen and my dining room and...

Well anyway, you get the idea. So after lots of painting, installing new closet doors, adding a curtain treatment to the side panel windows, painting the door and even changing the lock on the door to get rid of the brass...yuch!
This is the front part of the entry.
 There is virtually no natural light in this space.

You can get an idea how big the area is.

This was my roadside mirror find. Brassy gold color frame.
Spray painted a white and glazed it with white pickling glaze.
Love the frame!

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