Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Imagine the Impossibilities

I have been reading about this challenge all over and, honestly...I've been avoiding it. Oh, I have a lot that I could list under this title believe me. But, the pressure thought of pushing myself to overcome said challenge by the end of the month?
Whew, I don't know.

Okay, there is my impossibility. I have these 1/2 walls (sometimes called pony walls) that divide my front entry and my living room. They originally looked like this:

Haha, ignore those crazy people in the picture!
But you can see the 'spindle' jail cell bars that were connecting the
wall to the ceiling!

Wall, post-spindles. I just couldn't stand them
any more and one day asked my hubby
to chop them and get them out of there!

Other 'impossibilities' that drive me crazy is all the doorways. Look at the picture above, two -- count them TWO -- doorways 3 foot apart. Crazy I tell you. Who designed this house anyway?

So here is my impossibility challenge is to 'treat' these partial walls so they look good. GASP! Yes, really big  monumental challenge. Here are my thoughts:

1. install flat panel on all sides of the partial wall and trim out kind of like boxed wainscoatting. Oh but no, the walls are not the same dimension. The top is 27-1/2" wide and at the bottom, 27"? Soooooo,
2. Trim and box out the wall w/o the backer board.
3. In either case, paint the whole thing white, matching the doors and trim in the house, to blend and look like it was meant to be.
4. I still have the ceiling issue There is the top trim board that is mounted to the ceiling that held the spindles in place. If I rip this down, I have damaged wall and no paint to blend into the rest of the ceiling. Haha, cause I have no idea what color I used up there!

What I would love to do is find two nice, old beveled glass windows that I could hang from the ceiling to create the 'divider' feel but still let in light.

Oh and you might be wondering why I keep saying wall(s)? Yup. There are two.
So I accept the challenge but am scared to death! I have been 7 years struggling with what to do with these divider walls. Here goes nothing!

Thistlewood Farm


  1. It would be a good idea to paint the walls the same color as the doors so as to allow them to blend in and not be a focal point.

  2. Wow, what a great challenge idea. I can't wait to see it all spruced up. Those awkward little spaces in our homes can be tricky! I love your ideas and look forward to seeing you linked up on the 31st! Thanks so much for posting our button.


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