Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's fun to be a copycat!

When I saw this table at Pottery Barn, I fell in. love.
Quick photo taken with my phone that was hidden under my shirt!!
Well I certainly wasn't expecting to ever have my own Pottery Barn table like this, way out of my budget for sure. But, little did I know that one hubby would come home with a BIG surprise. He found a cool old desk on the curb as he was dropping our kids off. The funniest part? He drove all the way home to describe it to me and ask if I wanted it. Really? Was that even necessary?

Bless his heart, he drove back to get it and it was still there, looking a bit worse for the wear but oh, the character!

Look at this beauty!

It actually sat in the middle of my kitchen for a couple of weeks and I was seriously tempted to keep it there. Never thought I really had room for a kitchen island but loved the extra counter space. But, it was a bit too short. So, I looked at it, and thought, looked at it, and thought and decided it would make a great coffee table. Time to get busy!

Chop go part of the legs, took the top off and started painting.


Table with no top
My hubby cut off about 2 inches down the side of the table top where there was a big gash, I sanded them and mixed a little leftover brown paint with clear glaze and water. Then, I simply painted the top with my mixture, let it set a minute, and wiped it back. Really let's the woodgrain show through! Painted the base of the table top with Heirloom White spray paint. Beautiful color! 

Love the rustic charm, even has a little warp in the tabletop.

Up close and personal

My DIY Rescue a.k.a. Curbside Beauty

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  1. Very cool! Love how it turned out ~ so clever!!

  2. A curbside find? Wow, I need to drive around your neighborhood. It looks awesome and that uneven top just gives it more character. Great job.

  3. What a great transformation of your curbside table. I looked around you blog and love what you've done. I am now following you on both Linky and GFC.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet comment.

  4. That looks fantastic! Great rescue!!

  5. Great transformation. Looks wonderful.

  6. Very nice. I love that idea of cutting off the legs. I will now check all the roadside tables I come to.

  7. Fantastic. It looks great.

  8. Found you through Power of Paint! You did a great job on this.


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