Friday, April 6, 2012

Houston, we have a problem.

Houston, have a problem. Yup, it's a serious one with no remedy known to mankind. No medical intervention can help with this problem. No homeopathic remedies or therapies on record that will help a person with this issue. I l.o.v.e. to spray paint.
Heirloom White spray paint with a stenciled applique on front.

Hardware was spray painted with Rustoleum Bronze Metallic.

Spray painted beauty

There I said it. I have an addiction to spray paint and since the start of my addiction I have suffered numerous spray painting events. Some of which should have resulted in a trip to the ER. I have spray painted my fingers, my arms, my face and even my eye! The can says to seek emergency attention if sprayed in eye. Nope, not going to do it. Praying I don't go blind but it's my day off for goodness sake and the weather is perfect for spray painting. So if you see me, please resist the urge to write in chalk on my chalkboard painted parts, use magnets on my magnet spray painted parts, or dry erase on my dry erase painted parts. 

Here she is getting sanded and readied for spray paint.

 So, enjoy my newest spray painted beauty. From drab to fab, taking an old washstand and spray painting it into new life.

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  1. Very nice! ;) I have almost the same exact piece. I am about ready to pull the trigger and give it a color-makeover, myself!! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I am now following you! ;)

  2. Another spray painter fan like me ... yeah!!! Dresser came out NICE!!! My latest spray paint usage was painting a ceiling medallion silver (chrome look) to match our lil chandelier.

  3. you are so funny! Great spray paint job and I'm a big stencil applique person myself! :)

  4. SO cute!! I am a spray paint addict myself.

  5. They say the first step is admitting the problem - so you're on your way!

    But if those are your results - it's not really a problem! Hopefully, when you're walking down the aisle at Home Depot, the nails won't jump off the shlep and stick to your magnetized self!

    Love the washstand - the stenciling is perfect!
    New Linky follower.


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