Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring has Sprung a Mantel

Can you believe it is only March? Our temps were 20 degrees higher than normal today. Serious. There is a whole lot of sun going on in Michigan and who wouldn't have spring fever anyway? Great time to get out the spring decor for sure and take part in "The Great Springtacular Linky Parade." Thanks to the lovely blog hosts for having such a great par-tay!

Let me begin by saying that my mantel is always frustrating. It is wide and not very deep at all. So, most anything that you might put up there will not fit, does not stay up, and then falls onto the floor and breaks! So, I've come up with nifty, tricky ways to make it work over the years short of getting out the glue gun and gluing everything down!

Lots of light reflection brings in the sunshine!

Lovin' the spring green that pulls in the color of my living room.

Little touches of spring greens and whites are
what make my spring bright!

Even the candles are spring green!

Changing out the wreath on my mirror is the simplest way
to keep up with the seasons.

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  1. So true! Love a wreath layered on a mirror. Looks great. I really like the silver too, adds some sparkle ;) Thanks for joinging in. Have a wonderful day!

  2. What a lovely wreath! Greens (plants / flowers) tends to always spruce up a place with loveliness!


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