Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summers Got a Hold on Me...Countdown to Graduation

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Summer is in full swing and so is our Graduation Open House prep. Whew, this is a whole new road I'm travelling trying to pull off a classy graduation open house on a budget. Lucky for me, I have two more graduations following this one so the others will be a piece of cake.

Rock and a clearance statue make a nice grouping

Needless to say, we are frantically working around the house to spruce it up and get it ready to 'present' to our friends and family next week. This is no small feat for me as I tend to be a bit anal and when we are hosting events like this I am wanting to replace and tweak everything!

This lovely was stashed in an upper attic area of our
former church. It was given to me in payment for painting
and designing the children's theatre stage sets

First and foremost we have been focusing outside as this is where we will host the celebration. Basic clean up was started mid-May by opening the pool, power washing the patio/pool area.

You can rearrange garden ornaments just like you
would rearrange furniture in your house and
get a whole new look.

Then I have been working on the landscaping, adding more plants and ornaments, mulching, and weeding. A great way to expand your perrenials is by plant swapping. Usually after 2-3 years most perennials will start having babies and procreating. This allow you to either transplant to another area to fill in or exchange with a fellow gardener. Either way, it's a win-win situation!

Rustic garden decor makes old, cruddy fence
look like it belongs!

My big garden splurge was a birthday gift.
A local resident makes these to order!

Oh yeah, for Open Houses and more...pray continually

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  1. Oh, boy. Getting ready for a graduation party is a lot of work! But it's fun to have a good reason to do all the sprucing up, isn't it? Things are looking great at your house!

    1. Thanks for visiting RIchella and the kind comments!

  2. Wow, amazing and beautiful! Looks like a wonderful and peaceful place. I found you via the Mom's Mingle. I love your blog! I'm excited to be your newest follower! I'd love for you to follow me back at! :)

    1. Thanks Cassie. Excited o check out your blog.


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