Thursday, June 21, 2012

What would you do if you were given an old bowling ball?

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What do you do with a an old bowling ball that some nice old man gave your husband who doesn't hardly ever bowl? I mean like really, maybe once a year do we go bowling. But on one of our "once a year" trips up walks this nice senior gentleman who handed my husband his very own cherished, and somewhat used, bowling ball. So did my husband just have the look of a man that was really wanting his very own, used bowling ball? 

What did he do? Why, he was as polite as can be and thanked him. 

This is how the bowling ball project began. That was about four years ago and since that momentous occasion, where has said bowling ball been? Why, in the basement. Stuck in the back of the laundry room collecting dust. Because how weird would it be that not long after this bowling ball came into our lives I read about a seriously cool project with an old bowling ball and broken pieces of tile? Really weird if you ask me.

It was however, one of those projects on a long list of never ending projects. One of which, like many, that I can't find exactly the pieces I need to make it look the way I want to.
So one day, I pulled out some old tile pieces, some glass stones, some Liquid Nails and got to work. So this is my random piece of bowling ball art that had no plan at all but, in a weird sort of random way, turned out kind of cool!

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  1. I love this idea. I have three bowling ball that my son left here when he got married. I think they'd look great out in the garden!


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