Friday, July 27, 2012

Not Yer Average DIY

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Okay, this diy is a little out there. I wouldn't even recommend you try this at home. In fact, you probably couldn't try this at home. Well okay, I suppose you could sort of try it at home. What the heck am I talking about you ask?  Designing theatre stage sets. Okay, told you it was "Not Yer Average DIY."

This is a typical start of a set design. Basic plywood construction
base coat it, then start painting.

Two of my kids have been part of a great theatre group that is local to our area. This theatre group is a non-profit, wholesome environment for kids to enjoy theatre. Because they are non-profit, they rely on volunteer help (usually parents) for everything from costumes design, stage sets, lights, filmography, you name it. This is where I come in.

One year I made the comment that I could help paint. That was all she wrote, I started by painting some faux rocks on a wall and some lettering. By the next year, I was doing about 90% of the artistic design. It is a challenging yet rewarding experience! Lots of hours, lots of doubts and fears that I'm good enough, but in the end it all turns out great!
This is the witches castle for The Wizard of Oz after
adding a faux window and faux rocks.

In the end, a TON of hours are spent on designing the set and painting for 3-4 nights of performances and then it is all torn down. A very humbling experience to say the least. Because you work so hard, then it all comes together and it looks amazing, then it's done and all torn apart and put in storage.

Lucky for me, theatre sets are very forgiving. You have to paint with
a sense of  'heightened reality' to make it visually interesting.

This is the scarecrow scene from The Wizard of Oz
Painting done, props not in place.

Start of Emerald City set.

Painting 90% complete.

Working on Auntie Em's House
There ya have it, what I have been doing for the month of July. Will post pictures of the final stage, props all in place, because it truly looks amazing. And right when I have had enough and ask myself "why do I do this?", I see it all in place and think "yup, I'd do it again."

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