Friday, August 17, 2012

M's the Word

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Okay, really M is not a word and you all know it. Guess I can't pull anything over on you all, huh?

But the letter M is the focal point of this project and it all  started with a simple wood cut-out of the letter M. Mr. M was pretty blah when he first arrived at our house and was in serious need of some attention.

Here is Mr. M in his original state.
Kind of plain.

Not to worry Mr. M, we have paint for you! Out comes silver metallic paint for the base coat and Mr. M is looking so much better. Hmmmm, still missing a little something though.

Here is Mr. M after his silver
metallic basecoat and starting to add
silver leaf.
Out comes the silver leaf and now Mr. M is complete!

Close up of the silver leaf that
creates a shiny, rustic metallic look.
Mr. M sitting proudly on our mantel!

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  1. Looks Great! Thank you for sharing your project at Potpourri Friday!

  2. So well done - you would never know it was wood. Thanks so much for sharing at our link party. Take care, Laura

  3. Very pretty! I like that you used the silver leaf to create the much sought after chippy look!


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