Friday, February 8, 2013

Habitat Rehab

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Do you ever have a project that takes forever to complete?

Jail cell posts. No, they did not come with the funny
looking faces of our friends!

Such is the case with most projects in my house. In fact, the ideas are mulling in my head long before they ever come to fruition. Honestly, some never happen. Why? Many  of my projects are dependent on money, availability of the right materials, and skill level.
My 1/2 walls without the jail cell posts!

Oh if money were no object and time was limitless, I would have an amazing house. But the reality? Most of my days I spend working, and cleaning the house, and doing laundry, and paying bills, and working, and cleaning the house. You get the picture I'm sure.

For the projects we do complete, sometimes the end result is far different than what I envisioned. Sometimes  I make updates that are temporary and while they may not be what I really am looking for, it is much better than what I started with and costs me little money and a little more time. Sometimes, I am able to make the updates and have the end result that is my dream.

The project we finally finished today is one of those projects. When we first moved into our house in 2004, they looked like this (except the walls were beige).

For many years I hated those walls! So I started brainstorming about what I would love them to be and this is what I found.

This was my dream!

I wanted to hang old leaded glass windows
to help define the space but leave light showing through.
Well, they certainly didn't turn out like the pictures above due to time constraints, money, and the inability to find some of the items needed to make this happened. But you know what, I love how they turned out! The cost was very reasonable, some of the trim I found at Habitat Restore for a couple of bucks and some I already had from other projects. In fact, the only thing I had to buy were the posts and a piece of trim for the top.

Finished rehab of ugly walls!

Now who can't beat that!

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  1. The rehab of the wall looks great! So much more inviting. Wonderful job!


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