Sunday, March 17, 2013

How often do you update?

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My favorite time of year is after New Years and right into the start of Spring. Yeah, I know that seems like a weird season that is not really a season at all but I call it the 5th season. For me, it is the season of 'refresh' in my house. 

I believe that, to keep a house feeling fresh and new, that you should update a room every 2-3 years. Now, I'm not talking major bucks here. My design philosophy is to keep the hard surfaces...a.k.a. the expensive finishes...neutral and change out the inexpensive. 

How do I update a room? Sometimes I give it a fresh coat of paint and change the whole colour scheme. However if I still love the color of the room but I just want to give it a new look I will often change out the accessories. My first step is to swap furniture and accessories from room to room. It is amazing what that can do to make your rooms look brand new!

"After" picture of major renovation.
Read more here.
I recently finished updating my bathroom. You might remember the major update that was done three years ago (above).

Notice the ceiling color. That is for another post however!

Shower curtain found at Target.
Wrought iron artwork found in my living roo

I was ready for a little more of a neutral look and had enough left over paint from my hallway update that I decided to use in the bathroom.

Bathroom sink area.
Still looking for a mirror solution.
Wanting one big mirror across the whole area.

So how much did I spend on this update?
1. Wall color, used from another project
2. Stencil. Pulled from my craft area as was the silver metallic paint used in the stencil. To read more about the stencil project.
3. Ceiling color was leftover from my office room
4. Artwork was taken from other rooms or reused from previous update.

That leaves the shower curtain, purchased at Target for $19.99. Not bad for a brand new look!



  1. Beautiful makeover! Love the stencil, wall color, and the shower curtain just pulls it all together so well! All this, twenty dollars! You can't beat that!!

  2. Love the stenciled wall, and the shower curtain! Beautiful!!

    Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage

  3. Beautiful! I update/redecorate/rearrange quite often since it's what I love to do! lol!

    Your updates are so pretty!


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