Monday, March 25, 2013

Ye Olde Ugly Doors

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We have lived in a traditional style house, built in the mid-1970s, with a mediteranian style flair to it. Can we say U.G.L.Y.?

Lots of dark wood...talking all the baseboards, kitchen cupboards, interiors doors, paneling/wainscoting, and so much more. I have diligently worked for 8 years to rid the house of this dark wood and ugly, dingy brass fixtures. 

Thus the story of "Ye Olde Ugly Door" There are 14...yes, fourteen...interior doors that were original to this house that looked like this:

This is with the casing
painted white. Previously they were all
dark like the door. Ouch!
We have updated these doors in a variety of ways by painting and updating hardware to existing door, replacing the door with brand new, or simply removing the door (which is a temporary option at this point). As I've started updating the second floor hallway (that is a future post) my original intent/desire was to replace the doors. That amounts to 5 different doors which equals approximately $750-800 dollars. While replacing the doors may seem the best solution, beyond the cost, it has been somewhat problematic. We have replaced doors in a couple of different ways: by replacing only the door and fitting it into the original door frame and casing and we have replaced a door with the frame as a whole unit. Both have had their issues to get them to work. 

Replaced doors left in their 'natural' wood.
Tied together via door handle and trim paint.

The "easiest" solution has been to paint and replace hardware, however it is the most labor intensive.

Hallway closet door near kitchen.
Painted dark wood, replaced handled,
added framing from scrap wood and
chalk board paint. Trimmed with decorative
accent on top.
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  1. Cyndi, Your hallway closet door is so cute. We dealt with the same door problem and we did end up replacing them all. I had one of the old ones in my kitchen painted with chalk board paint and I miss it so much. I really like the door left unfinished. Very cool. Visiting from Whim Perspective, Love, Wanda

  2. I love the chalkboard on the door.

    Our house was built in 1928 and we have lovely wood doors. Our last house had "ugly" doors, but I wasn't totally into decorating then so i never thought of replacing them.

    Hope you are done with the doors, but I am sure there will be a new expensive project after the doors.


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