Monday, April 8, 2013

How do you decide?

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Yeah, you know, how do you decide what your next project is going to be? If you are anything like me, you have a list a mile long of projects on your 'to do' list. 

This picture is a perfect example of a 
misdirected project. Purchased at a consignment 
shop for the frame to use in another picture 
(see below). Somehow it ended up on my wall!

Actually I have many lists, some are in my head, some are on scraps of paper, and some are actually quite organized where I go room by room and list out the fixes or updates or just 'wishes' that I would like to do to that room. But sometimes my list gets too overwhelming and I have to put them away and sometimes my list keeps changing because of the awesome inspiration and ideas that I get online. It's exhausting I tell ya!

This print, designed in Photoshop by my
youngest son, is what I was originally shopping
 for. Trying to find the right frame for the print.

But the biggest factor in deciding my next project depends on a bunch of things really. Sometimes it is flat out influenced by lack of funds. Sometimes the funds aren't the problem but finding just the right items that I need to finish a project just aren't available. Many times I am limited by my lack of skill and waiting on my husband to have the time to complete some of the preliminary work. Sometimes my next project comes out of nowhere when I am cruising through a consignment shop, or at HomeGoods, or I am driving down the road and find a sweet curbside find. Often though, it is my time. I find that my time is the most valuable resource and the hardest to find. 

You see in this example of shopping gone awry, I had been wanting to find a big picture for the above wall to hide something ugly that can't be fixed. Well, yes, it could be fixed by tearing down my ceiling, hiring an electrician to hard wire a ceiling fan that currently finds it's source of power from an ugly chain running down the wall. 

So how do you decide what to do next?

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