Monday, May 13, 2013

Simple and easy way to keep your silk plants fresh.

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We all have it. That dried wreath, the faux greenery, the silk flowers. Yup, I betcha each and every one of you have some in your homes. Cause after all it looks amazing. Like, how can they make that stuff so real looking?

But a year later that silk plant looks dingy and the dried wreath is dusty. And you try to dust them with a cloth. Or you sick the blow dryer on them. You could probably even take them outside and shake them out. So what to do my friends? How do you keep them looking fresh and keep those dust bunnies away?

Same thing you do to your kids. Throw them in the shower! The shower will wash away the dust and brighten them up and make them look brand new again. Or, you can spray them off in the kitchen sink but either way, after you spray, let them drip dry for awhile. Shake them out a little bit and put them back out again. And if the colors run a little bit, no worries, it won't even hurt them!

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