Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ways to drive your husband nuts, part 1

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My husband is a good sport. Really, he is. Over our almost 24 years of marriage he has tackled some pretty unique projects. All because I have asked him. Now that's not bad, huh?

However I have noticed a trend that, as the years have gone by, he has been less and less enthusiastic about some of my projects. Yup probably most of them if the truth be told. So for many years, I would do my part of the project and when I got to the part I needed help with (usually installation of something) I would start it myself which would get the immediate -- and anticipated -- reaction of "here, let me do that." Score!
An old picture from from my father-in-laws house.
I can't resist a great picture frame!
Not sure how to use it yet but will figure it out!

Now don't judge him. He is very handy and almost always willing to install a new patio door or hardwood flooring. Those kinds of projects he is okay with and even wants to do. It's the "The Decorating Chica's" projects that he struggles with because these are, in the big scheme of things, pretty unnecessary. Well,to him anyway!  

With a little creativity and some paint!

So thus begins my newest project the 'picture framed turned ceiling light medallion' project. I mean, after all, you can't let a good picture frame go to waste now can you?

After a few minor mishaps, the successful installation of a picture frame hanging on the ceiling. Yup, maybe this time I have really lost it!
My picture frame turned ceiling medallion!

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  1. Hi there! I had to stop by (from Nifty Thrifty Party) and see how to drive my husband nuts! It's one of my favorite things to do!!! Thank you for a funny post and the picture frame/ceiling medallion is a great idea and looks awesome! Very creative, and yet, eye-roll worthy from your hubby! You are not alone, I have eye rolls every day :-)

  2. I love it! I might paint my ceiling inside of the frame a different color. I have a photo from some time ago of an old silver tray used as a ceiling medallion. It was cool in that setting. I just love the unexpected! Found you via Shed to Hand on Facebook.

  3. Linda RuckdeschelMay 11, 2013 at 2:59 PM

    Pls share how this frame is anchored to the ceiling ... we have an antique frame that got the glass broken in it, and will probably never be able to replace the glass. Think we could pull this off over a crystal chandelier we have in the D.R. Thanks.

    1. It was a bit tricky Linda. My husband had to drive some long builder type nails at an angle into the side of the frames . He found a spot near the top where it was hidden. Then I covered the nail holes with paint to hide it even more.


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