Monday, June 27, 2016

Knee Deep in the Weeds

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Happy summer! It's sure been awhile since I've peeked my head around here but it has been crazy busy in my part of the world. I hope you are all doing well. In my area of Michigan we are in a serious drought and I am spending all. my. time. watering and watering and watering. Yet after awhile it is barely helping my plants survive.

Usually I go out once a week and weed and dead head in my flower beds. The past two weeks I have had so many thoughts about the enemy and the daily battle that we as Christians face. Even in the drought where all of the neighbors grass is brown the weeds still grow. The good plants? They take lots of tender loving care, especially in this brutal environment. Lots of water and still they are struggling but the weeds are thriving.

This is my view across the street from my house and all around our area. Dry and parched.
Really, it is a good lesson about life. The Bible says that the enemy has come to 'steal, kill and destroy' and that lesson is truly evident in the battle of the weeds. All the time it takes to care for the good flowers yet the weeds just keep on peeking their ugly selves into my beautiful landscaping. I pull and pull. I rake and rake. It reminds me that leading living a life for Christ takes careful time and effort to remain focused on 'that which is good.'

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