Sunday, January 22, 2017

When Three Trips to the Paint Store Isn't Enough

Can't believe it is almost the end of January. Our boys are back at college and I am feeling bittersweet, sad, and mostly thankful. Thankful to have time with my guys home, grateful to have 10 days off of work over the holiday break, and mostly grateful for all that God has blessed me with.

However, with all that I have been feeling a bit lost and at lose ends. Usually I have a project(s) and can't wait for January where I can start my indoor projects. Although I do have a project, but with all of our college expenses, I can't afford to do what I would like. That project is a kitchen gut job but alas, it is not to be at this time. But what better way to spruce up a tired kitchen than a fresh coat of paint.

So off I go to the paint store, a.k.a. Ace Hardware. I knew I wanted a darker grey but other than that...wasn't sure. So I got some paint chips and looked at them awhile but by the time NY Day hit I knew my window of opportunity to paint had arrived. My first choice was a color called Cobblestone Street, but nope, it wasn't the right one. It looked lavender when I put samples up!! Off to the store I got go again to choose color #2.

Loved the color but didn't like it in my kitchen. There wasn't enough contrast and it didn't flow with the grey in my living room. My problem now? The next color down on the paint chip was Black Heron. That was too dark! Although I have always wanted a black room.

So I went back yet again to Ace Hardware! By this time, the staff was getting a little leery of me. This time, I wanted a custom color and that about threw them into heart failure! Luckily I was able to work with this great guy who took the Portland Twilight gallon that I had purchased and added more black and more brown and transformed it into the. perfect. color.

However I was sworn to secrecy as they are not supposed to do that. Shhhh. I am so happy to have finally found the right color. I think I need to find a name for it! Worse? I can't even show you a paint chip.

Pictures of the kitchen transformation coming soon.

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