Tuesday, March 29, 2022

A #1951renovation

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Two and a half years ago we downsized from our 1970s traditional two story and moved into a single story ranch built in 1951. We have updated and updated and updated in those two years! But I am loving how it is turning out! This house is in a historic neighborhood called Merritt Woods and is a beautiful area with the best neighbors right in the heart of our city.

Check out some of these projects.

Main bathroom Refresh

Basement Half Bath

Master Bedroom

Coming soon: Dining Room/Kitchen, Basement Remodel, Family Room projects, and more.

Saturday, January 22, 2022

When your plan really isn't your plan after all.

I don't know about you but before I start a project, I start the vision for the project. Sometimes way before the project starts! But often, that vision changes multiple times before the project is finished. Heck sometimes I don't really even have a plan I just start painting or tearing out stuff and sometimes I just change my mind. But most times, it is because what I really want to do, for one reason or another, I can't. Take our basement bathroom for example. In this case I had a basic plan and everything that could go wrong, went wrong.

Original bathroom.

I was hoping to be able to move new sink to this wall to open up more space in the bathroom.
But, was major issue so we decided against it.

When we moved here the basement had a sauna and shower unit at one end and, in the furnace room, a toilet and an original 1950s sink and vinyl floor tile. Dark and dreary did not even begin to describe this room. So one day, with no particular plan in mind, I grabbed a gallon of paint and started painting. The whole time I was painting I didn't like it but kept going because I knew that everything was going to change and I might like it eventually.

First pass was painting. Didn't like color so repainted later but
used the color on cinderblock as base coat for German Shmear.

After I finished painting the walls, I painted the shelfs and put some leftover peel and stick wallpaper in the back. Success. Then Plan B popped in my head. As I was thinking about the bathroom I realized I hated it in the furnace room to begin with. I also hated the sauna at the other end of the basement (which we never use). So I put plans in motion to get rid of the sauna. This would free up a big chunk of space and my plan was to make it a full bath at that end of the basement as it already had a shower. Fail. Several months later, I decided to tackle the 1/2 bath again. I had been debating over what to do with the cinder block wall and finally decided on a german shmear (which I had never tried before). I used leftover paint for the base and, used plaster spackling to create the shmear.

Painted shelves white and added wallpaper to line the back.

Added white to the beige as step 1

Second pass was a burgundy, using some leftover craft paint.

After adding black. 

Then, I wanted to paint over the dingy beige color so I used Repose Grey gallon of paint that I had left over. On the sink wall I used Palisades vinyl wall tile to cover that wall and somewhat to cover some of the wood panel since it is everywhere in this basement. 

Then added vinyl wall tile.

Palisades vinyl wall tile is super easy to install. Measure, cut with utility knife,
 add some Liquid Nails on back and install.

Full view that captures the new sink, restyled shelves, 

After adding the groutless wall tile, I had my husband mount a mirror I purchased off of Marketplace. Then, since electrical has been crazy in this house, had an electrician install vanity light and hanging drum light.

$10 mirror from Facebook Marketplace.

Final cinder block after adding the texture for the shmear.

Purchased this drum light from Facebook Marketplace and I love it!
Reflects soft light all over the walls. 

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