Saturday, November 19, 2022

Back yard transformations

To say that our backyard has been transformed would be an understatement. The back part of our backyard was full of 70 years of car mats, broken vases, pottery, shutters, scraps of wood. You name it! But look at it now! Three years of hard work has paid off!

            So much work cutting out sucker trees and digging out trash.

Adding 'no dig' edging (love this stuff) and planting arborvitae bushes

Next summer project is the path that goes around the
'secret garden' area, have the supplies and a plan!



Definitely have more to do but super happy with what has already transpired.

Hope you enjoy a little bit of garden inspiration!

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

A #1951renovation

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Two and a half years ago we downsized from our 1970s traditional two story and moved into a single story ranch built in 1951. We have updated and updated and updated in those two years! But I am loving how it is turning out! This house is in a historic neighborhood called Merritt Woods and is a beautiful area with the best neighbors right in the heart of our city.

Check out some of these projects.

Main bathroom Refresh

Basement Half Bath

Master Bedroom

Coming soon: Dining Room/Kitchen, Basement Remodel, Family Room projects, and more.