Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Garden Tour and a Bunch of Great New Ideas

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Every year our community has an annual Garden Tour that is one of my highlights for the summer season. Gives me all kinds of great inspiration and motivation to keep gardening in my home.

Honestly? I have a 'some day' dream that my home will be part of it.

This 'shed' was so adorable. You should have seen the inside

Very unique divider made of old wine bottles and cds.

Love artwork hanging in the garden!

Loved this little shed as it looks so much like mine.

Very beautiful pond that took up the whole
side yard of this owners house.

One of the pathways down and through the pond to the bottom yard.
Loved the personalized chair!

Disguised pathway leading to meter.
 All photos taken with camera phone but hope you enjoy the 2013 Garden Tour!

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