Saturday, August 9, 2014

You Can Find Me In the Garden

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You know you're busy when you don't even know it's payday. Seriously true in my life right now. Back in May I ventured through a door that God opened in my life to take on a full time job. For years I worked full time, but once I had my second child, I became a stay at home mom.

Wow have the plants filled out in just a year!

A few changes from last year in our firepit area.
Click here to see what it looked like last year.

For many years I stayed at home and throughout those years worked several part time jobs, the main one being at my sons' school. It worked well for us and my schedule was flexible to be around when my kids were around and enjoy hanging with them.

Love the new chairs, they add a splash of color!
Times have changed and two of my sons are in college and my baby will be a senior this year. The college bills are coming in and this new job pretty much fell in my lap. You know it's God when, against all odds, what you least expect happens. That's why I am now working full time.

But even though two of my kids are young adults and going to college and working and my youngest is 16 and self sufficient, I have still found it challenging to go back to a 40 hour week. Many of the things I love to do have been pushed to the side. Blogging and diy are just a few. And I am relearning how to juggle things differently and manage my time in another way and most of all, learn to let things go. I no longer am obsessed with having my house spotless or redecorating everything under the sun. I am learning to enjoy life and realizing how short time is now that I am working so much, so enjoying my time at home with my family is my priority. Because so very soon, sooner than I would like, my middle son will be gone to university, my oldest will be back at the local college and still working, and my youngest in school.

So, if you need me "you can find me in the garden".

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