Sunday, March 15, 2015

OCDD and a Touch of Spring

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The sun has been shining for almost two weeks and if you know Michigan, that is pretty darn amazing! The snow is almost gone and spring is definitely in the air.

Spring makes me want lighter colors and natural elements.

But I have lived in Michigan long enough to know it is not worth bothering to start working on my gardens and cleaning the yard. So the best way to usher in spring when it's not quite spring outside? Bring spring inside!

Bird houses are a big part of the spring line up.

Birds and bird houses.

But admittedly this is when my OCDD kicks in. Big. time. Why? Because I know that once the weather stays warm, and the ground thaws, and the plants start growing, and the pool uncovered, it is goodbye inside and hello outdoors!

I try to stay real to the season. Plants have not yet come up and flowers are not blooming so I stay away from flowers and lean towards nature elements.

And of course more birds!
So I know that, for indoor projects, my time is limited. And until the outdoors begins me for good, I keep focused on finishing up the inside projects. 

I lighten things up with brighter colors.

Green, a beautiful color of nature.

How do you bring a touch of spring into your home when it is not quite garden season?

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