Monday, April 2, 2012

Bored and Batty

Well, you've seen one post about Board and Batten wainscoating, you've seen them all, huh? It's enough to make you bored and batty I tell ya! Okay, so I am no different but I have to share our finished Board and Batten dining room. Why, you might ask? I'll tell ya why. It might be 'easy' but it is H.A.R.D. I mean, yeah. When every. single. wall. in the room is not level. Just sayin'...

Looks pretty easy peasy, huh?
But my husband and I. We did it. Yup. We're done. And, we're still married!

A quick little before. And yes, the pictures are crooked!

To read more about our dining room makeover, click here.

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  1. It looks fantastic!! Great job!

  2. lol! Love the title of your post! Too funny! It's beautiful! Great job!

  3. WOW the wainscoting turned out AMAZING!!! Nice to hear that u survived it :) I have to seriously, make myself a 'client' to dedicate time to designing my home ... may add wainscoting to our bathroom (which is currently an eeeew pink tiles). Hubby says he's ok with the look = which translate to = he doesn't want to be the one doign the diy of removing + patching the walls. :)

  4. Love this - it really adds so much to the room! And the fact that you're still on speaking terms with your hubs is just icing on the cake!

    When my hubs and I hung 12 pictures (and had to get them all perfectly spaced and level), we agreed before hand that I was going to curse him out during the process and we may end up in divorce court)! But we survived just like you!


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